Add ‘transplant’ to your INSTALLED_APPS. If you plan to run the test suite you should also add ‘transplant.tests’:

              'transplant.tests', # this is optional

Hooking up default URLs

For your convenience django-transplant provides a default view for performing User merges. You can use it like any FormView, and it’s name is transplant_merge. It expects a default template in ‘transplant/merge.html’.

To hook it up just add it to your urlconf at any URL:

urplatterns = patterns('',
        url(r'^accounts/merge/$', include('transplant.urls')),

Hooking up view in your

transplant.views.TransplantMergeView is a subclass of generic FormView so you can hook it directly to your urls. You can pass it’s arguments like you would to any other generic view:

from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required

from views import TransplantMergeView

urlpatterns = patterns('',


After setting URLs yous should be able to get the merge form and submit it, but it will have no effect. To utilize default merges you must set TRANSPLANT_OPERATIONS in your

        {'user_field': 'owner'}
        {'manager': 'unread'}

TRANSPLANT_OPERATIONS consists of triples, each one of them specifies:

  1. Path to model class to be merged.
  2. Path to Surgeon class to be used during the merge.
  3. Extra arguments.

Currently supported extra arguments are:

  • user_field - name of the user field that will be used by the Surgeon during the merge (defaults to ‘user’).
  • manager - name of Manager used during the merge. In the example above only messages accessible via the ‘unread’ manager will be merged.

You may be happy with the behavior of DefaultSurgeon which is:

  • set field given as 'user_field' to the user that performs the merge
  • call save() on each entity (so that all signals are triggered)
  • set the is_active to False on the user that is merged

If you want additional functionality consult API docs.

Available settings

Currently available settings are:

Allows for specification of operations to be performed during automated user merge. Widely discussed above.
Allows fot specification of URL that the user will be redirected to after successfull account merge. Defaults to LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL
When Debug is set to True this setting takes no effect and TransplantMergeView will re-raise any exception. When Debug is set to True instead of raising an error, the view will redirect to provided URL. If you want it to raise error anyway set TRANSPLANT_FAILURE_URL to None. This is the default value.